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Stage ERASMUS en IRLANDE Juin 2019

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Les élèves du LPMA partis en stage professionnel en Irlande grâce au programme ERASMUS témoignent...

My unforgettable trip in Ireland.

During six weeks I did my BMA 1 internship in Ireland thanks to the ERASMUS+ program. I was afraid to be on my own in a foreign country that I didn’t know, but we were all warmly greeted both by our host families and the companies.
We all left France on May 20, 2019 for Dublin and took a bus to Galway and finally we all took different paths.
I went to Westport on the west coast. We were two in the same kitchen layout company. From a professional point of view, we mainly did serial production work like the making of wooden items and used  specific machines. It enabled me to discover another aspect of woodworking. This professional experience was very positive thanks to the supervisor and to the employees who were particularly helpful and always available to answer our questions.
We also took advantage of our weekends to travel across Ireland. I went a few days to Galway which is a very lively student city. I also visited Dublin for 4 days; I really liked this city with its very big city center and always a lot of entertainments in the streets.
To conclude, I found this trip very enriching because I discovered a different culture and a different language.
I strongly recommend to all the students to seize this opportunity which can only bring them good experiences.

Tatiana Zajac (BMA2-Cabinet Making)

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