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Stage ERASMUS en IRLANDE Juin 2019

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Les élèves du LPMA partis en stage professionnel en Irlande grâce au programme ERASMUS témoignent...

ERASMUS+: My Irish Experience

Thanks to the ERASMUS+ program I did a 4-week training period in upholstery in Ireland. This trip was very enriching from a professional but also from a personal point of view. I discovered a new country with evergreen a mystical landscapes.  I also I had the chance to meet interesting people.
I did my internship in Charleville Castle in the city of Tullamore where I was accommodated by a host family with a classmate. During this training period, we carried out conservation and restoration tasks of tapestry and furniture.
The particularity of the Charleville Castle is that it has a rich and very ancient history that goes back to the time of the Druids, with amazing neo-gothic style architecture. It is also known to be one of the most haunted castles in Ireland, which filled our stay with History and adventures. It was quite fun. For lovers of history or paranormal, this castle is perfect.
It was a good professional and personal experience. I made beautiful encounters: the host family, the colleagues and unexpected street encounters.
I spent good friendly moments in pubs and in restaurants. But, I also shared meals with colleagues in the garden of the castle, in this so specific environment to Ireland, listening to old anecdotes or just chatting about our experiences.
The host family was very welcoming and we went to Irish events with them which was really interesting. Irish people are really very outgoing and know how to make you feel confortable.
I keep nostalgic memories from this training period in Ireland. This trip will forever stand out in my memory. Thanks to this stay I was able to improve my English, and gain self-confidence. It was a very positive experience for me.

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