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Stage ERASMUS en IRLANDE Juin 2019

Retour d'expérience

Les élèves du LPMA partis en stage professionnel en Irlande grâce au programme ERASMUS témoignent...

ERASMUS +: My First Professional Experience in Europe.

I had the opportunity to carry out a 4-week internship in upholstery in Ireland more precisely in Tullamore thanks to the Erasmus+ program. This trip was very beneficial to me because it allowed me to gain self-confidence and be more autonomous because it was the first time I went abroad alone without my family. Being in the same workplace and in the same host family as a classmate reassured me a lot especially at the beginning of the internship.
This internship was also enriching from a cultural and a linguistic point of view. Going to Ireland was a challenge for me because I didn't have a very good level in English and this internship allowed me to strengthen my knowledge of the English language and more precisely to be more confident in my communication skills.
I discovered a new culture (pubs, a different lifestyle…). I got to know Irish people who are very welcoming and outgoing, which made me feel comfortable from the very beginning. Moreover, our host family was great with us.
I did my internship and also lived at The Charleville Castle where we did some conservation work on the mural tapestries and restored some rooms of the castle.
From a professional point of view it was really interesting because I didn't know the field of conservation and the castle history brought me a lot of art history knowledge.

Zoé Gilbert (Terminale Bac Pro- Upholstery)

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